If you are looking for a article to know that helps you to know about the purpose of a LANDING PAGE and a CONVERTKIT tool used to build a landing page, then you have landed on the correct article ,As this article helps you to know about landing pages and the details of convertkit with the steps to know about how to build it.


While doing Digital Marketing for your business, it is very important to have a Landing page. A Landing page is a Standalone web page. This Landing page is basically used for marketing and advertising purposes.

The landing page collects the details of the leads when they land on your page through your Blog, Facebook , Instagram, Twitter and other similar platforms. Landing pages are mainly created with a result of  CTA- CALL-TO-ACTION. These call-to-action give the raise of email marketing and lead generations.

A Home Page is different from a Landing page. A Home Page in  your website gives all the details about your services, Your contact information etc.. But a landing page is a goal-oriented page ,It is built to accomplish a specific goal.

Landing Pages play a major role in LEAD GENERATION. Businesses use landing pages to get the contact information of their leads like Name, Email Id, Phone Number etc… In exchange for their product or services. 

Few examples for Landing Page usage:

  • A live webinar registration
  • Free e-book download
  • Online course registration
  • To get free discounts / coupons

The information on the landing page is exact and to the point. If the Landing page is designed for an e-book then the page will have details about the book. The learnings from the book , usage of the book, and a bit of description about the author.

If the landing Page is for a Webinar then it has details about the  topic of the webinar, Speaker details, Timing When the webinar is conducted and what do you learn from the webinar.


Leads are contact information of a potential customer who might become your buying customer of your business sooner or later. Contact details of a random stranger is not a lead. A lead is the contact information of your customers who are interested in you and can buy from you now or in future.


  • COLD LEADS: Cold leads are leads those who show no interest in your business or your services or products. They are not aware about the existence of your business , they may even attempt to ignore your attempts to reach them.
  • WARM LEADS: warm leads are leads that have engaged with you at some level. Maybe to fill out a form or sign up for a newsletter. Or they may have engaged in two-way conversation, such as asking a question via chat or reply to your emails.
  • HOT LEADS: Hot leads are leads who have engaged with you and shown a keen interest to make a purchase from you. They have a clearly expressed need and are ready to buy from you.

A Landing Page is used to collect the details about your leads converting cold leads to warm leads and get them into your CATT Digital Marketing funnel. 

You can use tools like CONVERTKIT to create a landing page which helps you to collect leads and do an email marketing with an email list made through the email collection by landing page. Thus, helping the conversion of warm leads to hot leads.There are many other email marketing tools like convertkit used in creating landing pages like Unbound, Mail Chip, Mailer Lite etc..


Based on my experience convertkit is one of the best tools for creating landing pages to launch email newsletters. It is best for people like bloggers, Authors, Youtubers, Musicians etc…

It is the best tool for creating an email list. A Tool for email marketing- helping you with engaging and re-engaging your community and nurture them with the required information. 

ConvertKit has 50+ different styles of templates to design your landing pages and forms to generate leads. The landing page is very easy to customise. ConverKit provides the best user-interface to develop an attractive landing page which results in lead generation.


  • Create a new ConvertKit account using your email Id and Opt for the price plan based on your budget.
  • Enter your information about your business for which you are going to use ConvertKit for.
  • Create your Landing page by selecting the default template available in the convertkit.
  • Customize the landing page according to your business requirement with the detail of the goal for which this page has been created.
  • Click on Publish to Publish your landing page
  • You can connect your WordPress blog with convertkit by installing the  ConvertKit Plugin. Connect your API KEY and API SECRET to complete the connection.

All the Email Id entered will be saved as your subscribers so that you can develop an email list to create pre-scheduled email sequences.You can send emails to your subscribers in continuous sequence because of the email sequence created thus, keeping your subscribers engaged.

You can also integrate any form like typeform with convertkit through Zaiper. A way to collect information through forms and send a personalised email through convertkit.


Few Pros based on my research:

  1. Best choice for doing Deep Marketing Automation.
  2. Best choice for email deliverability.
  3. It is very easy to use.
  4. It Provides a very Fantastic user experience with a good user interface.
  5. It provides a tag-based subscriber system.
  6. It has a very simple and effective visual automation
  7. Best for email marketing.


Few cons based on my research:

  1. It is very expensive in comparison with their competitors.
  2. Lack of integration with e-commerce platforms.
  3. It provided very few customisation options for forms and email templates.


With this we are coming to the end of the article. Let’s just quickly get a recap of this article.

  • A Landing page is a Standalone web page.
  • Landing Pages play a major role in LEAD GENERATION. Businesses use landing pages to get the contact information of their leads.
  • A lead is the contact information of your customers who are interested in you and can buy from you now or in future.
  • Convertkit is one of the best tools for creating landing pages to launch email newsletters.
  • Convertkit has more advantages when compared with disadvantages.

With this the article comes to an end.


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