Wanna know what is digital marketing ?” Then, You landed on the correct article, this post gives an insight about marketing , fundamentals of marketing and the reason why digital marketing is flourishing in this current business world.

                Digital Marketing🤔a process of attracting your target customers towards your product/service through a digital platform. This digital marketing is more of marketing rather than digital. In simple words businesses are marketing using digital tools to acquire profit, success, customers etc…. 


                “Marketing is not the art of finding clever ways to dispose of what you make. It is the art of creating genuine customer value” -Philip Kotter.

To run your business successfully for a long time you have to make genuine customers, to make loyal customers you need a product and a way to make your customers know about your product. Only when your target market know about your product they will buy your product.

Will you buy an unknown high quality product if you have not heard about it before ?…

No one is interested to buy a product if it’s not known in the market. This is the place where our “hero-Marketing ” takes its role.

Hey Dude, If you have a good product then make others know about your product ,in other words market your product so that your target audience know about your product and buy from you.👌


Marketing is based on Human Psychology as its related to understanding the needs of the customers.

Marketing of a product starts even before creation of the product or before the release of the product for sale to the market. Marketing is all about understanding your customers needs and providing a product which will sell itself naturally and become the solution to satisfy those customers needs. 

Marketing is a science.

It is an experimenting process to get results about your product progress in the market.

Marketing is all about sending the right message, to the right person, on the right time. This strategy helps your business to earn profits and attract your loyal customers.

Trust is the biggest weapon to win a market. You should build trust among your target group to position your brand and acquire natural sales for your business.

When I talk about trust Apple iphone is the only product that come to my mind. 

Why iphone ? Not any other product.

Iphone has positioned it’s product in terms of privacy, quality, smoothness to work with. Thinking of which iphone was the first smartphone launched. Apple launched their first viable product in 2007. They did a market experiment to identify the customers need with their viable product. Later based on the result of the experiment they improved its features and positioned their brand in terms of royalty and privacy. Apple has built a trust among their customers by providing and improving its features till date to satisfy the needs of their customer. 


Lets talk about iphone and Android. Based on the recent facts, there are more users of for android rather than iphone. Even though that is the case, there is never a downfall in the business of Apple. They are the only company that is providing products that cannot be easily hacked with a high quality. Apple has positioned itself as the only one in this field of providing not so easily hackable mobile phones. Thus, ruling their market with a group of loyal customers. 

Marketing is the game of perception.

Marketing is not selling a product, It is about creating a perception about your product before its released in the market. A high quality product sells itself naturally in the market.

Marketing is all about acquiring the customers and serving them with a high quality product. The result is that served customers brings in more customers and become the brand ambassadors of your product and helps you in word of mouth marketing for gaining future customer. 

good and a simple communication skill is required to carry out a marketing strategy with the following components.

Marketing components:

  1. Advertising –Facebook Ads (source from Digital Deepak) , google ads 
  2. Copywriting – (source from Digital Deepak)
  3. Sales


                    After learning about the fundamentals of marketing, we will talk about the two different types of marketing .


Hey guys , you all know that a product doesn’t sell unless people know about product and the process of letting people know about your product is called marketing. There are different methods of doing marketing. 

Traditional marketing is the basic type of marketing popular in olden days. This method is used to cover a wide group of target audiences. This type involves marketing of product/services through pamphlets, Tv Advertisements, radio advertisements, Newspaper etc… 

Guys, What do you get from the above picture? 

The pictures shows an television ad for burger with the offer details. This ad attracts a wide category of customers who all watch television and have interest in eating burgers. This ad is not to attract any specific category of people. It is to attract general audience for a general product. The traditional marketing doesn’t use internet for marketing and they are not a deep marketing. This type of marketing is like marketing a product and then selling the product without any deep customer understanding. It is like Buy the product I have made if you are interested in it. 

   Naaptol an example of

 advanced method of traditional marketing. When you start giving ads on TV you don’t know whether it is working or not. In the above ad they have given the contact details in the ad to order the product. when the target customer watches the ad, they will call the below number and order the product. This type of marketing is called Direct Response Marketing. This helps the business to know whether the ad is working or not.

Later, as there was an evolution in technology business people started to market using technology which is the digital platform.


                   Traditional Marketing was popular in olden days as they were very attractive ads with film stars featuring it. But When the raise of internet came with easy access to it all the people started using digital marketing for marketing. It is involves concepts like Social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Facebook Ads and Google Ads.
Currently, Digital marketing is best way of marketing.

Digital marketing can be used to attract customers who has internet access and who uses digital media like  Social media, Blogs, Websites etc…

In the present scenario , Everyone have a smart phone with an internet connection. They even have accounts in various social media and various websites. Thus, It becomes easy for businesses to pick up their target group and attract their target group.

Businesses use these different tools to select their target customers, study their needs and finally design a product to address their needs. It is a deep marketing which helps your business to acquire more customers value and keep the existing customers happy.

This is the present statistics of Traditional Marketing Vs Digital marketing (2004-present).Digital Marketing is emerging as a widely used marketing method in the present business world.


Since the starting of this article I am talking about customers but how to collect and filter them from the available wide audience. There is a funnel named CATT Funnel invented by Deepak Kanakaraju popularly known as Digital Deepak.

CATT abbreviated as:


The formula for wealth given by Digital Deepak is


This is a cyclic process of filtering. 

Step I [n – Niche] Niche Selection 

Always you should have a well defined niche. Niche is your own target market – a hungry market whom you are trying to serve. Your business will succeed only when you have selected a proper niche. Your niche should be narrow and you should select your niche based on your own specialization. A Niche is a combination of Talent + Market + Passion.

Step II [C- Content] Content Creation

                Once you have selected your niche, you have to create a content. The content should be useful for your target and it should be designed in such a way it can attract your target customer. Your content can be in the form of blogpost, website, videos etc…

Step III [A – Attention] Driving Attention

                After creating a content you have to drive attention to your content. You can get traffic to your content through SEO-Search Engine Optimization, Social Media networks, your own community people, Referrals and Paid Advertisements.

Step IV [ T – Trust] Building Trust

                Since you have attracted your target people, You have to build trust with them about you and your product so that the attracted people become can your potential customers. People will buy your product only when they trust you. Trust is a very important for any business. 

Step V [ T- Transaction] Natural Transaction

                   Once trust is attained your leads are converted into potential customers for your business with natural sales. A product of high quality always sells naturally. So never compromise in the quality of the product. 

Lets talk about this process with Maybelline 100 years old best cosmetic brand. Maybelline was first started with sales of the product Mascara. This idea for mascara came for Thomas the founder of the brand from his sister Mabel who used Vaseline and coal dust for eyelashes as a cosmetic.

Today’s Maybelline develops Unisex cosmetics that can be used on daily bases. They have their own blog. They use a Integrated digital marketing method – SEO, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, Email Marketing and mainly affiliate marketing to attract customers. They have build trust and has a natural sales with their potential customers through their high quality and long lasting products.

This CATT Funnel comes in action through Integrated Digital Marketing.


                                We saw about digital marketing and different methods of digital marketing like SEO, Content Marketing , Social Media Marketing, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Blogpost, Email Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. The combination of all these marketing methods leads to Integrated Digital Marketing.
Integrated digital marketing is based on the CATT funnel. It Performs and Executes the CATT Funnel.             

Now we will interpret the above picture with an example. AMAZON PRIME the growing OTT PLATFORM.

Content is always the king when it comes to marketing. Without content there is not marketing. Amazon prime attract customers to their landing page through Ads on Facebook , YouTube and other social platforms. They get traffic to their site through SEO and the do email marketing by giving best offer details for customers in their email list even they have purchased it only once. Thus, by integrating all these digital marketing methods they achieve their target sales.

Lets go to the next section. For that let me ask an important question:

What do you trust the most a branded product or a brand less product? Let us rephrase it in terms of person … Will you trust a unknown person or a known one?


So come lets talk about personal branding and why it is crucial?. 


A brand is an identity of a product. People go crazy to buy any type of product if it is from their favorite brand. A brand defines the product uniquely in a crowded market.

Personal Brand is also important like product brand because “YOU ARE YOUR OWN BRAND and PEOPLE ALWAYS TRUST PEOPLE MORE THAN COMPANIES “. People are always hungry for talent, they always want to know more about life journey of a person and follow them making them their role model it they are inspired by them. 

Once you have a strong personal brand you can be a make many successful brands under you with less marketing effort.

Have you ever tried to understand why Apple Products are very easily recognized, the credit mainly goes to the strong personal brand of Steve job.

Such Personal branding can be evolved through the frame work designed by Digital Deepak.

This is the Mass Trust Blueprint given by Digital Deepak. 

The process to build a strong personal brand starts with learning.

To become a Digital Freelancer you have to:

Learn – In order to upgrade yourself, you should always learn new skills, understand new concept, remember new facts and practice new procedures in the field of digital marketing. 

Work – Only learning of new concepts never work, you have to implement it in the real world to improve it. You can try out small projects even if its of small pay to know your level of learning.

Blog – Always have the habit of writing so that your work can inspire or help another. You can Write a blog about what you have learnt and what you have experience through your implementations .This gives a better understanding about yourself and helps in being recognized by others through your post thus, building your personal brand as a digital freelancer.

Consult –  Now When you have both experience and a personal brand and a blog you can start to do consulting as a digital marketing consultant for others on their business rather than working for them.

Mentor – After expanding you brand in terms of consulting, mentor others who want to become like you by creating courses on digital marketing. This helps you to scale your level of understating in terms of concepts.

Start-up – Since you have built your personal brand and has nurtured it and expanded it, you can start up your own business. Your business will be successful as people know you and trust you which is the result of your personal branding.

Thus, focus and create a powerful personal brand which is also a key to market your business products easily.


With this we are coming to the end of the article. Let’s just do quickly get a recap of this article.

⏩Marketing of a product enters the market even before the product enters the market.

⏩Marketing is based on Human Psychology as its related to understanding the needs of the customers.

⏩Marketing is all about sending the right message, to the right person, on the right time. This strategy helps your business to earn profits and attract your loyal customers.

⏩Digital Marketing is growing widely in today’s world as the business world is entering a digitalized world – a world of automation.

⏩A powerful personal brand can be a help you make many successful brands under your business with less marketing effort.

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With this the article comes to an end.

Now Do you know what is digital marketing ?… 

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